• If you are feeling uneasy about leaving your child for the first time, here are some tips to support your child's transition in to childcare life.

    • Visit the centre with your child - Before your child officially starts at Royals Early Learning Centre make sure you visit with them a few times. This way the child become familiar with the teachers, sounds, smells, toys and children. 
    • Encourage your child to join in - Encourage or let the teacher encourage your child to join in with the programme and what the other children are doing.
    • Put your happy face on - Your child can tell if your anxious, so make yourself at home and join in as well. 
    • Talk to the teachers - let them know what your child is interested in, what their cultural heritage is and what their favourite stories and foods are. 

    If you'd like guidance or advice about settling your child into Royals or leaving them for the first time, please talk to our teachers. They are more than happy to help make this process as easy as possible for you and your child.

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